Prison Life Podcast - Crime, Punishment, and Family

Prison Life probes into the world of crime, punishment, and family. Join host Andrew Snyder and guests explore these complicated and sensitive issues with insightful and thought-provoking commentary. Andrew Snyder’s investigation, corrections, and family therapy background provides the basis for conversation relating to law, the legal system, correctional effectiveness and the effects on families of the incarcerated. Teamed with guests from diverse backgrounds in criminal justice, mental health, substance abuse counseling, there is something for every listener whether a true-crime enthusiast, student, lawyer, or the accused.
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Prison Life Podcast - Crime, Punishment, and Family


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Aug 19, 2015


Marc Simon, attorney, filmmaker, and director discusses his making of the documentary Unraveled.   The film explores the downfall of prominent New York attorney Marc Dreier who orchestrated one of the largest securities and money fraud schemes in American history.   Marc Dreier admitted his guilt in the massive fraud and was filmed during his final 60 days under presentencing house arrest giving a glimpse inside the mind of a white-collar thief.   Called the “Houdini of Impersonation and false documents,” Marc Dreier is now serving a 20-year prison sentence.  The extraordinary film revealed how inadequately prepared first-time criminals and their families are for the time of imprisonment, inspiring Andrew Snyder to begin his practice of guiding clients and their families through the complicated and sensitive issues presented by criminal prosecution and incarceration.

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